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When Should You Really Change Your Electric Toothbrush Heads?

How often do you change your electric toothbrush heads? Oral hygiene experts, American Dental Association, and most manufacturers recommend that you should replace your electric toothbrush heads every three months. Many people think this is too often, but it is actually the same amount of time they recommend you replace manual toothbrushes as well! If you think this is too frequently to replace your electric toothbrush heads then here is some information that may help.

Top reasons to change your electric toothbrush heads often

  • To help fight the millions of bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms that are transferred to your toothbrush head from your mouth, the bristles of a toothbrushes are coated in a special coating that will suppress any threats the microorganisms may pose to you. Unfortunately this coating will eventually wear off – you are using it every day, twice a day after all!
  • Toothbrush bristles are made with strong material so they can do the job they have to perform day after day. But through normal use these bristles will eventually fray and grow weak. Due to the strain they are under everyday they slowly break down and become ineffective. If you see signs of wear or fraying make sure you replace your brush head soon!
  • Many diseases and conditions such as flu, tonsillitis and mouth sores can be transferred to your toothbrush. As most people store their toothbrushes with others, you could expose other members in your family. You may even get better and then reinfect yourself!

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you use expensive or cheap toothbrush heads – all have bristles and are used every day so need to be replaced often. Even if you don’t suffer from any diseases, sicknesses, or conditions during the three month period and your bristles do not look frayed or worn – changing your electric toothbrush head frequently is still important for your health. Toothbrush heads have many nooks and crannies where nasty things can live for a long time. Better to play it safe and replace your brush head with a new clean one.

Other reasons to replace your electric toothbrush heads

Sufferers of gum disease or other serious mouth conditions should change their electric toothbrush heads even more frequently – as often as every four to six weeks. People that brush with lots of pressure or have stubborn plaque may have to replace their brush head more frequently as well.

If you find you are wearing out your electric brush head and are required to replace them more often than three months you should look at your brushing technique. A common problem is using too much pressure while brushing. This causes your electric toothbrush head to wear out prematurely and requires replacement more often! Remember that most electric toothbrushes do not require the same pressure of manual toothbrushes, use the proper pressure for the toothbrush you are using. Proper technique will ensure your electric toothbrush heads last their full lifetime and save you money.

Another common reason people may need to replace their toothbrush heads more often than three months is if you use your toothbrush more than twice a day. As some enjoy or are required to brush their teeth three, four or more times per day which will dramatically reduce the lifespan of your brush head. Keep an eye on your bristles and replace your toothbrush head at the first sign of wear or fraying!

Remember, no matter the case your electric toothbrush heads should be replaced no later than three months after first use. Not only does it help keep your teeth clean, but it will also help you say healthy!